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New York Post | The City’s Top Movers & Shakers


By, Lois Weiss

They hold the whole city in their hands – the realtors, owners and managers of New York’s skyscrapers, shops and warehouses. They keep the wheels of the city’s economy turning, and revitalize the city – from downtown to Times Square to the Meatpacking District. Who are these people?

The Post rounds up the top wheelers and dealers who are shaping New York.


WE’RE a city of shoppers that attracts tourists and greenbacks from around the globe. Retail stores are economic generators and also create exciting streetscapes and destinations. The Meatpacking District was simply a blighted industrial area without the luxury shops while Times Square was simply an area of ill repute.

Now, thanks to these folks, we can find M&M’s and good eats.


Robert K. Futterman & Associates

Since its inception in 1998, Futterman’s eponymous firm has been responsible for more than $7.9 billion in aggregate real estate transactions around the country, with Futterman accounting for over $3.5 billion of them.

Last year, Manhattan deals worth $657 million were wracked up across 437,000 feet while the citywide total encompassed 457,000 feet worth $700 million.

Among its 505,000 feet of current assignments, Futterman oversees leasing for The Plaza Retail Collection, leading the team responsible for merchandising the retail, restaurant and banquet space, and introducing and positioning the space for lease in the market. He completed 58,000 feet in leases that include Great Performances, Caudalie Spa and Warren Tricomi.

Last year’s leases included representing Taconic Investment Partners in its deals with Apple and Hugo Boss in the Meatpacking District, Glenwood Management in bringing Brooks Brothers to Lincoln Square and Jack Resnick & Sons for their deal with The Palm at 200 Chambers Street.


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